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Petra restock has landed!

Core Collection

Our core collection features our bestselling pieces which are the essence of Self-Same. All pieces have beautiful and intricate embellishment details and techniques which is at the heart of who we are.

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  1. Pearl Straw sun hat for the beach vaccation essential
  2. Serafina beaded pearl bag
  3. Serena pearl handbag
  4. Kimmy pearl visor
  5. Roma Crystal straw hat
  6. Roma Rainbow Hat
  7. Bennet Pearl handbag
  8. Amara mixed metal sun hat

The Iconic Petra Hat

Hand crafted out of beautiful natural straw and finished with individually hand pinned pearls
  • "My favourite cardigan ever, I have all 4 colours!"

    Stephanie, NY

  • "Most spectacular hat I have ever purchased"

    Christina, Michigan

  • "Never had so many compliments on a hat"

    Susan, UK


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