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  1. Bennet Pearl handbag
  2. Delfina crystal handle handbag
  3. Esti pearl bag-natural
  4. Esti Pearl Handbag-Chrome
  5. Effy crystal heart cardigan
  6. Aspen Mongolian cuff coat- Grey
  7. Aspen mongolian cuff coat- Black
  8. Simone fringe dress- Scarlett
  9. Simone fringe dress- Cream
  10. Simone fringe dress- Onyx
  11. Charlotte pearl trim cardigan in cornflower blue
  12. Charlotte pearl trim cardigan in pale yellow
  13. Charlotte pearl trim cardigan in Pink
  14. Marni quilted coat
  15. Fleur floral detail cardigan-Ivory
  16. Stella print cardigan
  17. Fleur floral detail cardigan-Pink
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  18. Evie rainbow crystal jumper-Black
  19. Evie rainbow crystal jumper-White
  20. Jinni crystal mesh dress
  21. Sofia pearl shoulder dress