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Straw Hat care guide

We want to help keep your Self-Same hat beatiful for years to come. All of our pieces are handmade so we recommend handling them with care whilst wearing and during storage. We've all been there and maybe packed something in a rush and it's lost it shape slightly during travel. Here are our top tips for keeping your hat beautiful and crisp.

-Store on a flat surface to keep brim level

-If packing in a suitcase we recommend packing out the inside of the hat with smaller items such as bikinis and packing pieces around the hat.

-Spray the hat with starch and leave in sun to warm and refresh the shape if a steam iron is not available.

-Be careful if placing in a plane overhead locker that heavy items aren't placed on top of the hat as this can cause damage.


Below is our step by step hat care guide on how to assess and steam your hat to keep it looking beautiful

Head over to our TIKTOK account to see how we steam iron our hats


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