What to expect

We get quite a few emails about how to style our accessories, so we thought we'd start photographing our own looks (day and night) and sharing with you how we wear our own Self-Same pieces. We love buying/selling jewellery as it really does make an outfit and can turn such basic clothes into a really gorgeous look. As we're twin sisters, and are the same size in shoes and clothes, we have a shared wardrobe. We love this as we literally have twice as many pieces as most of our friends so we're never short for choice and I couldn't imagine not sharing our clothes. We buy mainly high street clothes, but we're really good (if we say so ourselves) at finding random pieces that every other person hasn't got on when Zaras new collection drops. We definitely buy more separates just as they're so much more versatile and can be worn a lot more. Overall our style is definitely brighter than most, but we like to think we know our limit and when fabulous turns into tacky. Some days we can go the polar opposite and wear the plainest style/colour outfits, it really just depends on what mood we're in. One thing that doesn't change is we'll always have fashion jewellery of some description on. We've always really been into accessories but would always find things we didn't like with high street pieces, like the stones looked cheap or we didn't like the shine of the hardware and we'd find ourselves comparing it to a designer piece of jewellery we'd seen and we'd instantly be put off. Yes, we would be obsessed with the designer costume jewellery but at like £350 for a pair of trend led earrings, they would end up costing more than the rest of our entire outfit. Thats how we came to start Self-Same, we knew we were super picky with little details and quality of fashion jewellery but wanted to be able to buy pieces regularly so the price needed to be affordable and we figured there were others with the same dilemma as us. Fast forward 18 months and thousands of sparkly pieces sold and here we are. We really hope you enjoy catching up with us regularly, we're aiming for 2/3 posts a week, and seeing how we style our accessories with our own wardrobe and hopefully giving you some style ideas of your own. We believe that the accessories are just as important as the clothes, if not more, so there will obviously be a key focus on that and showing how it is completely acceptable to wear giant hoochie hoops and sequin flared trousers together midweek! Enjoy Jade and Amber